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Before you use the fireplace

If you requested use of the fireplace at time of booking, you will receive a fire starting kit that includes: fire starter log, fire starter nuggets, pine wood logs, matches and a lighter. We will set up the fireplace by opening the flue and placing the starter log inside the fireplace on the grate before you arrive.

If you set up your own fire

  • Make sure the damper (flue) is open. You can probably see daylight or feel outside air from the chimney when open. Use the flashlight on your phone to be sure.

  • Arrange fire starter log at the BACK of the fireplace on the grate and proceed with the fire starter directions on package.

  • If the wood and starter product is not placed in the back of the fireplace, or if the damper is not open, smoking will occur around the front of the fireplace and smoke alarms will be set off.

  • Add more logs gradually, one at a time, Do not overload the fireplace. Kivas are small and are meant for small, intimate fires.

  • Extra firewood is located in the courtyard on the north side. 

  • There is a metal ash can next to the fireplace. Let the ashes cool before placing in can.

  • Never leave the fire unattended. Make sure fire is out before leaving your suite.

  • Always place fire screen in front of fireplace when using the fireplace.

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