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Who is Meow Wolf?

Meow Wolf is an arts and entertainment production company that creates immersive, multi-media art experiences that transport audiences of all ages into fantastical, explorable realms with discoverable narratives. This unique fusion of art and entertainment gives audiences in-depth fictional worlds to explore at their own pace and to the degree of their interest. The exhibitions are a combination of jungle gym, mystery house, children’s museum, music and immersive maximalist art exhibit. Meow Wolf’s art experiences include structural elements that allow for climbing and multi-level exploration, hands-on musical expressions, digital technology and cutting-edge interactivity

House of Eternal Return tells the story of an incredible Mendocino, CA family in the midst of a dimensional rift. Locked away in their Victorian house are portals beyond time and space, leading into realms of magic, magnificence, and imagination. Who is this family? What happened in their house? Where do these portals lead? All these questions are answered through the exploration of Meow Wolf’s 22,000 sq. ft. exhibition. Meow Wolf specializes in a unique form of immersive art installation that results in interactive, explorable worlds of fantastic and narrative. Meow Wolf has created over 20 temporary exhibitions in eight different cities since 2008. House of Eternal Return is Meow Wolf’s first permanent exhibit, and by far its largest, 10 times the size of its predecessor, The Due Return !

Meow Wolf has become a Santa Fe institution. Meow Wolf is worth including in any Santa Fe itinerary.

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