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Site Santa Fe

Site Santa Fe is the City Different's premier contemporary art space. Their distinctive building is located in the Railyard, across the street from the Farmers Market.

It has been almost a year since Site Santa Fe held's it grand re-opening. The space was expanded and a new facade was built. Site Santa Fe has been exhibiting contemporary art for over twenty years. Constantly pushing the boundaries and redefining the media of art, it is no wonder that Meow Wolf draws inspiration from Site Santa Fe.

If you enjoy art that goes beyond the two-dimensional canvas and that excites you intellectually, then be sure to check out Site Santa Fe.

Visitor Information:

Mon - Tues: 10-5 pm SITElab and Lobby Only

Wed - Thurs: 10-5 pm

Fri: 10-7 pm Free Admission all day

Sat: 10-5 pm Free Admission 10-12

Sun: 12-5pm

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