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The Fence: July 21 - October 21, 2018

THEFENCE2018 | Santa Fe Railyard Park | 450 feet of photography | For four months | Outside

"This summer, Santa Fe will join Brooklyn, New York, Boston, Atlanta, and Houston as a host for the large outdoor photography exhibit called THE FENCE.

The Exhibition will be displayed in in the Railyard Art Park in two locations: a 700 feet long horizontal row along the bike trail, where the RailRunner train enters Santa Fe, and the Circular Ramada at the corner of Guadelupe and Cerrillos, one of the busiest intersections in Santa Fe.

THE FENCE features the work of 56 talented photographers from New Mexico and around the world. The goal of this unique exhibition is to present exceptional work that is innovative and accessible to all people. More than 3 million people are expected to see the national exhibition at one or more of the 5 locations throughout the summer and fall of 2016!" - From The Fence NM

Santa Fe is the western-most exhibit location for THE FENCE, and the smallest city – yet our tremendous legacy of photography and the award-winning venue of the Railyard Art Park makes it an ideal destination.

THE FENCE New Mexico is a proud member of PhotoSummer.

Learn more about the national FENCE exhibit here.

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