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Ten hip things to do at Santa Fe Railyard, Baca District

Everyone knows about the Santa Fe Railyard, right? The Farmers Market is here. The Violet Crown and Jean Cocteau Theaters. As well as dozens of stores, art spaces, cafes, coffee shops and galleries. It is the end of the line for the Railrunner train that brings commuters and tourists from Albuquerque.

But many people are less familiar with South Railyard or Baca District. Although it is part of the overall Railyard Plan, it is 1.7 miles south of the North Railyard Cerrillos. Over the last few years, it has blossomed with vitality and energy. Here you will find antiques, interior designers, architects, art and home furnishings. With that said, here are our top ten favorite things to do at the Railyard, Baca District.

1. Go for a bike ride.

Start at the North Railyard and follow the Rail Trail to Cerrillos. Here the trail passes under St. Francis Street and emerges on the Acequia Trail. Continue on this trail and follow behind the Deaf School to the Baca District.

2. Have breakfast at Counter Culture. This is a local favorite. Fresh, local ingredients. Bring cash. No credit cards.

3. Shop for antiques. There are at least five antique stores to explore, including The Raven.

4. Design a stone counter top at Captain Marble.

5. Interview an architect.

6. Hire an interior designer.

7. Have tea and lunch at Opuntia. A relaxed, minimalist interior setting. A superb lunch menu which includes toasts, bowls, salads, sandwiches and tapas.

8. Admire the shipping crate construction of Molecule.

9. Have some artwork framed at Justin's Frame Design.

10. Take a Jiu Jistsu class at Undisputed Fitness.

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