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A Feast For Your Eyes: Shrines, Ofrendas and Interactive Art Show | October 24 - November 10

Día de los Muertos | El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe
Día de los Muertos | el Museo Cultural de Santa Fe

"Come to a Day of the Dead event for your senses and for your soul.

In honor and celebration of Dia de Los Muertos, Fifteen Northern New Mexico Artists present shrines, ofrendas, and interactive art that viewers are invited to participate with. The art is as diverse and colorful as the tradition and the views of various artists. In addition, you are encouraged to bring a personal tribute to add to any of the ofrendas. At 5:30 pm, the shrines will be blessed along with a dance performance. Bring your friends and family, wear a costume, interact with the art, and the artists." - el Museo Cultural de Santa Fe

el Museo Cultural de Santa Fe, located in the Railyard, is within walking distance Casa de Tres Lunas | House of Three Moons Inn.

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