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Valentines Weekend 2020 in Santa Fe

Valentines Day 2020 is on a Friday!

So, why not extend your Valentines Day into a Valentines weekend of romance in Santa Fe. We will provide complimentary chocolates from Kakawa Chocolate House to kick off your weekend.

And here are some suggestions for making your Santa Fe Valentines weekend special.

Share dinner for two at Joseph's Culinary Pub.

Bold, exciting fare. Romantic atmosphere. Nothing more to say.

Sample chocolate elixirs at Kakawa Chocolate House.

From their website: "We are a specialty chocolate company located in the beautiful high desert town of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Our passion is authentic and historic drinking chocolates elixirs. Historic drinking chocolate elixirs include traditional Pre-Columbian, Mesoamerican, Mayan and Aztec drinking chocolate elixirs; 1600's European drinking chocolate elixirs, Colonial American and Colonial Mexican drinking chocolate elixirs. Kakawa Chocolate House drinking chocolate elixirs are representative of these historic recipes and span the time period 1000 BC to the mid-1900s AD."

Soak in the Ofuro Bath at Ten Thousand Waves Japanese Spa.

From their website: "Ofuro is the ultimate luxury bathing experience. You sit on the bottom of the bath with water up to your neck. A roof protects you; but there are views across the valley from the open balcony. A sauna and a cooling berth with mattress are adjacent. Sit-down showers at the bath area complete the Japanese feeling. There's a private heated changing room with sink, shower, Toto Washlet toilet, and baskets for your clothes."

Get serenaded by Lyle Lovett and his Accoustic Group at the Lensic Theater.

From their website: "Lyle returns to the Lensic for the second time with his scaled-down Acoustic Group featuring many of the players from his Large Band. It’s not the size that matters as Lovett’s live performances show not only the breadth of this Texas legend’s deep talents, but also the diversity of his influences, making him one of the most compelling and captivating musicians in popular music."

Hit the lanes and bowl a strike at The Alley.

Bowling. Retro games. Tapas. Craft beers. Let your hair down, appreciate the bask in the nostalgia and have fun.

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