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Coffee Houses in Downtown Santa Fe

Image courtesy of Brian Legate via flickr used under CC BY

In this post we wanted to share some of our favorite coffee houses. All of these are walking distance from our Inn. Although they may serve light edibles or even a full menu, each is focused on offering an exceptional coffee (or tea) experience.

Ecco Expresso and Gelato, 128 East Marcy Street

This is the closest coffee house to our Inn. Located on Marcy Street next to the Santa Fe New Mexican office, you will find Ecco to be pleasant and comfortable and frequented more by locals rather than tourists. They serve Aroma Coffee of Santa Fe. The staff is skilled, the coffee is good and the strawberry and lemon currant scones are awesome. Oh yeah, they have gelato too. Handmade fresh with local, organic ingredients. They will let you sample.

35 Degrees North, 60 East San Francisco Street

Located on the plaza in the Santa Fe Arcade building (all the way in the back), they are the newest coffee house. They have two separate seating areas, a larger room with a community table and a smaller room next to the open kitchen. The kitchen houses a beautiful industrial oven/stove and a coffee roaster (they roast their own coffee), both with the same red ceramic finish. They bake daily an assortment of pastries and muffins. Try the cinnamon roll heated.

Caveman Coffee Cave, 411 West Water Street

West of the plaza and close to Vanessie, Caveman Coffee Cave offers coffee and smoothies in a relaxed game room (almost man-cave) atmosphere. There is also a tap room.

The Tea House, 821 Canyon Road

OK, they are a tea house, not a coffee house - but they do serve coffee too. They deserve mention because of their extensive tea selection: over 100 teas. The Tea House is located on Canyon Road in an old adobe house. They have a full menu and some baked goods. Their outdoor patio is great for relaxing with a pot of tea and people watching on Canyon Road.

Downtown Subscription, 376 Garcia Street

Downtown Subscription is located on Garcia Streets, a block south of Canyon Road. They are low key and like it that way. More of a locals hang-out, they are Santa Fe's oldest coffee shop and newsstand. They offer hundreds of periodicals. Downtown Subscription is frequented by those who want to sip espresso, read the daily news, and discuss current events with fellow patrons.

Sage Bake House, 535 Cerrillos Road

Sage Bake House is a commercial bakery with a café attached. The commercial bakery

provides the café with exceptional French pastries and supplies local grocery stores with their breads. SBH has an understated elegance and a sophisticated vibe. The staff is unbelievably helpful and friendly. Their coffee is superb, and pairs nicely with their pastries and other menu choices.

Collected Works Bookstore, 202 Galisteo Street

Located just off the plaza, they are the best locally owned bookstore in town. Their café area is in the middle of the store and is run by Iconik Coffee Roasters, located in Santa Fe. Enjoy their books, their comfortable seating area and their high-speed internet. They host a Jazz event on Saturdays.

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